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My story started years before meeting Maridonna.  I was an avid swimmer and even enjoyed doing P90x and every insanity workout I could find however, the weight was not budging.  I continued to exercise harder by adding more days of workout and spending longer hours on the treadmill but to my continuous dismay I remained with  a weight I was unhappy with.  I couldn't understand how all my work could leave me with so little results.

It was after meeting Maridonna and truly looking at myself in a photo one day did I really start being more aware of what I was doing with not only my body but my mind. I researched and studied diets, foods, calories and exercises. Finally over time I lost 35lbs and met my goal wiegh.

Even more importantly while enjoying my workout routine, while eating food I loved and loving myself first everyday.

My best clients are those who are ready to own their fitness journey and I mean by choosing foods you like but are not hurtful to you health in the long run; doing exercises you enjoy and totally rock at all while reminding yourself that self love isn't selfish.

If that's you join me on my journey to a full life of health, wealth, love and happiness.


"Nic worked along with me every week to make sure I reached my goal but without the work I would not have seen results"

— N. Huggins, Entrepreneur


What motivated your life toward its current path?

As mentioned before Maridonna was part of a large family surrounded by many aunts, uncles and cousins. Despite all the love around her it was a devastating shock when she lost her mom at the age of 15.  I recall feeling numb because my mother had been fighting cancer for a little over 3 months and I really didn't expect this dramatic change.  Later, I lost my grandfather and grandmother who I grew up with.

What allowed you to turn the corner after so many losses?

With my background in Psychology it would seem like my turning point should have come from my knowledge of the human mind but, it truly cam through the healing process.  By allowing myself to feel the mixed emotions of grief, anger, pain and relief.


What came after your turning point?

By allowing myself to feel, fall, stumble I was able to walk to a place of forgiveness.  My life transformed before my eyes and for the first time I allowed Maridonna to be Maridonna.

Why coaching?

I've become so passionate about having a space where I can invite persons who have been hurting; persons who are numb; persons who think there's no more battle in them. Because you have valid emotions, you can heal and you've got alot more fight in you than you even think.


Tarryn, Champion Blogger at Bridging the Gap

Working with Maridonna has helped me alot, she is a great mentor in the midst  of negativity and what sometimes feels like depression. Thank you I'm 1 step better than I was yesterday.

S. Nelson, Author

Maridonna created a ripple effect in my life with her page InspireMe Admire You. I felt alone in the world of social media but everyday I'm reminded that I'm not alone. Keep inspiring others!

L. Roberston, C.E.O, Artist & Designer, Duov Creations

I was so grateful for Maridonna's motivation to get our business up and running, now my brand is a regional household name!  Without her expertise I wouldn't have had such a drastic life change.