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Becoming a Badass

We all need to be held accountable.

We all get nervous when doing something big that means alot to us.

But our Confidence will always allow us to grow beyond our craziest dreams.


I will show you:

How to embrace self love

How to push your boundaries

How to release your past 

Session Details

Session 1

Who are you?

Session 2

Self-Acknowledgement and self awareness


Session 3

Self-acceptance and Gratitude

Session 4

Self-love and self-compassion, Forgiveness

Session 5

Review and recap

Program value $1200/ 5 sessions

Interested in a power hour with Coach Maridonna?

This session would be a combination of the Confidence coaching and De-Clutter My Mind. In this power hour you will get:

Tools to start your personal development journey.

Insight into what you're not tapping into in your current environment.

Let me show you the way to forgiving today and manifesting tomorrow.

Value $250