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Our why...

At this point in ours lives Nic and I have been through situations of jealousy, arguments we regret and have even spent time apart.  However, through these experiences we have successfully learned how to communicate, how to trust and live the life of our dreams travelling, dining out and taking on new challenges TOGETHER!  This has allowed us to stop wasting time arguing, complaining, playing silence games and in turn start using time for business building, travelling and of course getting more creative in the bedroom.

Don't you want to spend more time being happy with your partner? Aren't you one of those persons who take time for their relationships? Isn't is time you stopped feeling okay and start genuinely feeling great about your relationship?

At the end of your sessions you and your partner will master:

1. Love Languages

2. Best methods of communication

3. How to extinguish an argument quickly

4. Being aware of each own emotional triggers from the past

5. Exploring new methods of intimacy​​

plus many other valuable relationship lessons

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Overall Value $1200


"I thought my wife and I were definitely going to split up, after working with this power couple we realised that we always had the power to do all the things we ever dreamed together"

- Mr. & Mrs. Waithe

"It's amazing what you can learn about yourself during a coaching session, I relaised that I had an irrational fear of losing my husband while he realised that he need not be his father's replica. We do not regret doing this at all".

-Mr. & Mrs Tollie