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What Clients are saying

Owning My Life

Working with Maridonna has helped me alot, she is a great mentor in the midst  of negativity and what sometimes feels like depression. Thank you I'm 1 step better than I was yesterday.

Tarryn L.

Blogger, Bridging the Gap

As a dancer I have to be ready to perform in front of many persons and this program did not only touch the surface of being confident in front of others but being confident from the inside.

Shmuel Keyser Btzur

Dancer & C.E.O Personal Assistant

Maridonna has opened my eyes to a new level of confidence. I recommend this program to persons who believe they are confident and lack confidence. You will definitely see a huge change in yourself.

Dallas Gordon

Author, Speaker, Expert Business Coach

Understanding My Biz

I was so grateful for Maridonna's motivation to get our business up and running, now my brand is a regional household name!  Without her expertise I wouldn't have had such a drastic life change.

L. Roberston

Founder Duov Designs

I was on the verge of publishing my book and I need help fast! When I reach out to Maridonna she quickly put together  a strategy that had me focused on the important things. My coaching was specialised (Personal Development Coaching and Business Coaching)and included her building my website, setting up my Facebook pages, setting up my IG page and getting appropriate email addresses. Having Maridonna on my team was a great help.

Veronica Pryor- Faciane

Author, Speaker, Life Coach specialising in Domestic Abuse survivors

An Immediate Change

This program is sensational! I started thinking differently from session one! Maridonna really helped me to re-organise my thoughts and showed me how to see things from a different angle. If you're looking for a change in perspective or ways to discard defeating thoughts I recommend this program.

Renita Betts

Founder, Be Your Own Kind