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Upgrade My Life

We all feel as though your thoughts keep us from acting.

We get caught up by procrastination.

But today that changes because we're going to finally make space for what we were meant to do.

You will learn:

The steps to de-cluttering your thoughts

How to stay in the momentum of constant clarity

How to manage self-talk that does not serve you

Session 1

Understanding your clutter

Session 2

Understanding and adjusting your routines

Session 3


Session 4


Session 5

Review and Recap

Program Value: $1200/ 5 sessions


Need a Power Hour with Maridonna?

This session would be a combination of the Confidence coaching and De-Clutter My Mind. In this power hour you will get:

Tools to start your personal development journey.

Insight into what you're not tapping into in your current environment.

Let me show you the way to forgiving today and manifesting tomorrow.

Value $250